Using VistaClean to Clean & Maintain Waterlines

Using VistaClean is very simple: each time you fill the dental bottle, add the correct number of drops to the water before returning the bottle to the dental delivery unit. One or two drops in a standard 750mL bottle is usually sufficient. Consult the directions for the amount to use in other size bottles. VistaClean is non-corrosive and has been shown to be compatible with all standard dental unit equipment and accessories.

Please note: VistaClean is not included with and not intended for use with VistaClear HP-style systems. VistaClean irrigant drops are intended for use with dental bottle systems.

Why Do I Need VistaClean?

Using a proper irrigant like VistaClean and “purging” the lines on a regular basis with an approved antimicrobial cleaner (like VistaTab) will provide improved water quality. VistaClean can emulsify organic and inorganic contaminants, soils and oxidation products in dental waterlines, and helps to protect waterlines and system components from deposits and scale.

VistaClean irrigant solution concentrate is derived from organic-certified citrus botanicals, USP glycerol and USP ascorbic acid. When used according to directions, it is completely non-toxic, safe for the environment, non-corrosive, simple to use and has no negative effect on bond strength. VistaClean is safe for patient contact.

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