Recommended Frequency of Use of VistaTab

Dental offices should use VistaTab as described in the included instructions at least once per month or as needed with bottle systems and at least quarterly or as needed with the VistaClear central system, during the "Purge & Clean" maintenance procedure.

Why "As Needed?"

The CDC has established a standard of "less than 500 colony forming units (CFU) per milliliter for dental unit waterlines." Treatment with VistaTab should be performed whenever bacteria count is greater than 500 CFU/mL as recommended by the CDC.

We recommend that dental offices do periodic testing for bacteria count on a regular basis—at least quarterly. Test results will vary greatly based on the water quality used, the general maintenance performed, the age of the dental delivery system, whether or not quick disconnects are used, etc.

There are several in-office test methods available. One is the HPC Total Count Sampler by Millipore, which is sold to dentists directly. The cost is about $90 for a box of 25 sampler paddles. Dentists can see and order them at or by calling 1-800-Millipore. Pall Corporation also makes a product call Aquasafe, which is sold through dental dealers like Henry Schein.

In summary, we've found that most offices using bottle systems get by with the daily use of VistaClean followed by monthly use of VistaTab. However, these offices must have performed an initial cleaning upon installation using two (2) tabs TWICE and be diligent with system care. Again, every system is different and results will vary.

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