VistaClear Filter Replacement (systems manufactured after October 31, 2012)

VistaClear filters should be replaced at least annually, or more frequently as needed depending on local water conditions.

If at any point you notice lower-than-usual water flow or that the "throughput" of the system appears to be restricted, it's time to change the filters. Restricted water flow can occur and require filter changes more frequently than once per year in areas with very poor water quality or heavy sediment in the water supply (sometimes caused by nearby construction).

Replacement Filter Model Numbers:

  • Right Sump: Carbon Block Filter (R9722)
  • Left Sump: Ceramic Filter (R9721)
  • Annual Kit: Includes both filters (R9720)

Here's how to replace the filters on your VistaClear HP system:

  1. Turn off the cold-water inlet on the lower VistaClear manifold to stop water flow to the system.
  2. Open the drain valve (S6145) on the lower end of the mixing chamber to relieve pressure from the system.
  3. Open the air valve (S6150for a few seconds to purge any remaining water from the mixing chamber. Once only air is emerging from the drain valve, turn OFF the air valve.
  4. When the gauges on the system (S6431) register “0,” use the supplied sump wrench (S7106) to remove the filter sumps (S7105) filters. Support the system by holding the filter manifold while loosening the filter sumps.
  5. Remove and discard the expired filters in the normal trash.
  6. Wash and rinse each of the filter sumps with clean water. Wipe the center section of each filter cap with an alcohol wipe to clean.
  7. Replace the “O” ring (S7101) each sump with the pre-lubricated “O” ring that is supplied with each replacement filter. Discard old “O” rings.
  8. Transfer the filter serial numbers from the outside of each replacement filter to the permanent record table on the back page of the VistaClear manual along with the date replaced. BE CAREFUL! Do not drop! The filter elements are fragile.
  9. Completely remove the labels and plastic wrap from both filters. Try not to touch the surface of the ceramic or wear clean gloves. Check for any cracks in the surface of the filter elements. Do NOT install if cracks are discovered! Contact the factory for help.
  10. Carefully lower the filters into their respective filter sumps, making certain the open-end cap is “up” in the housing.
  11. Make certain the filters are centered within the housing, then carefully thread the sumps onto their respective filter caps on the manifold. Do not cross thread. Firmly tighten the sumps while supporting the metal manifold. Hand-tighten only!
  12. After both sumps have been tightened, turn on the water supply by turning the blue handle on the water valve on the lower manifold. Water will start to flow into the filter housings.
  13. Open the drain valve on the bottom of the mixing chamber, allowing air to be purged from the system. Once water has filled both filter sumps, water from the filters will begin to flow to the drain. Allow the water to run to the drain for two (2) minutes to flush filters.
  14. Close the drain valve on the mixing chamber and check the system for any leaks. If a leak is detected, immediately turn off the water supply and open the drain valve on the mixing chamber to relieve the water pressure. Attend to the leak then repeat the steps to check for additional leaks.
  15. If the system and attached plumbing fittings are leak-free and the dental units in each operatory have been attached to the respective dedicated feed lines from the VistaClear system, open each of the individual valves on the top manifold and water will flow to each operatory. Check for leaks at the operatory end of each line.
  16. If all connections are leak-free, begin a complete system purge (as described in the VistaClear manual) to ensure all lines are clean and ready for use.


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