Alternate Installation Locations

The preferred installation location for the VistaPure system is in the steri-center—typically on the right side of the inside of a base cabinet—and close to a cold water supply and drain. The most common location is under the main sink, but the system can also be located in other cabinets with access to water and a drain.

That said, system installers have some flexibility in terms of placement of the VistaPure system elements. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Water pressure from the city must be at least 40psi, and ideally in the 50-70psi range. Low-pressure scenarios (below 40psi) require a booster pump. This is especially important to keep in mind for non-standard placement scenarios.
  • The system board and water storage tank should be installed on the same level, and ideally located not more than 10-12’ from where the wand and faucet will be used. If the board and storage tank aren’t on the same level, it’s “pushing water uphill,” which reduces production and water quality.
  • The system board and storage tank can be separated by up to 30’ as long as they’re on the same level and you’re using the (included) 3/8” O.D. tubing to connect them and you avoid “dips” in the line that can create back pressure.
  • You can change orientation when necessary. The board can be turned in any direction, and storage tanks can be laid on their side.

Although there are many alternate installation scenarios that are preferred, if there are absolutely no other options, the system (and storage tank) could be installed under the steri-center. In that case the system elements should be installed as high as possible, minimizing the vertical distance between the storage tank and points of use at the wand and faucet.

If the system and tank were to be located under the steri-center, it would also be important to have adequate—and higher than typical—air pressure in the storage tank to help “push” the water up to the points of use. Normal recommended tank pressure is 6.5-7.5psi. If “pushing water uphill” from the storage tank, you might want that pressure to be as high as 8-9psi. The tradeoff involved with this higher pressure is that the storage tank will not hold as much water as it would otherwise.

For unusual installation scenarios, please feel free to contact us with any blueprints/ plans for the space and we can help to determine any possible alternate location scenarios.

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