Office Closure & Re-opening Protocols (VistaPure)

Prior to office closure

Before closing the office for an extended period of time, it’s important to empty the system’s water-storage tank(s) and turn off the water supply to the system:

  • Turn off the water inlet supply valve located beside the system board.
  • Lift up on the handle of the chrome faucet to relieve pressure from the system and empty the storage tank(s). Allow the water to slow to a trickle and eventually stop.
  • After the storage tank has emptied, return the faucet lever to the normal (off) position.

Note most recent filter-replacement dates. The system Prefilter (CVR3251) and Polishing Filter (CVR3255) should be replaced annually. Reorder any filters necessary so they can be on hand and installed just before the office reopens.

Prior to re-opening office

After an extended period of nonuse, it’s important to perform basic, routine maintenance before resuming normal operation. These maintenance instructions are provided in the system manual and video tutorials are available online.

  • If changing any filter elements, follow the directions provided in the system manual or watch this video for a demonstration.
  • Check the air-pressure pre-charge of the system’s water-storage tank. This check must be performed while the storage tank is still emptied of water. The air pressure pre-charge should be between 6.0-7.5 psi (41-52 kPa).
  • Sanitize the system and its water-storage tank and bottle faucet as described in the system manual. You’ll need one once (30mL) of unscented chlorine bleach, the 35cc syringe included with the system, and a clean cotton swab. The process requires about one hour before the system is ready for use again and its storage tank is refilled completely.
    • If more than one storage tank is connected to the system, use 30mL of bleach per connected storage tank, and allow the system to produce water for 10 minutes per storage tank before running the bleach solution through the system's chrome faucet.
  • Complete the sanitization process by rinsing the tank(s), waterlines and faucet thoroughly with fresh water, then resume regular use of the system.
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