Water Not Delivered to Operatory

If you've discovered that water isn't being delivered to an operatory—or delivered at a flow rate that's much lower than normal—troubleshooting the issue is usually quite simple. Any problem with water delivery is almost certainly:

  1. An issue at the delivery unit itself,
  2. An issue within the filter path of the VistaClear system (typically a clogged filter), OR
  3. An issue with the source water feed to the system.

Here's the series of questions we recommend addressing:

Is the water supply turned on at the main switch?

This one is obviously pretty simple, but if your office has a main "shutoff" solenoid switch that controls the main water feed, sometimes it's simply a matter of remembering to turn ON the main source water supply. (Happens to the best of us.)

Is the issue affecting all operatories, or just one?

Be sure the source water is turned ON and the valves in use on the top manifold of the VistaClear unit are open to "feed" water to the operatories. If only one operatory appears to be affected (e.g. four out of five operatories ARE receiving water flow), the issue is very likely a localized problem—typically, a plugged filter at the dental delivery unit itself. The filter at the input port to the delivery unit can be carefully removed, cleaned and returned, and regular water flow should resume.

If the issue is affecting all operatories, the problem is likely at the system level.

Is water getting through the filter path of the VistaClear system?

Before continuing with a check of the system, turn off the air and water valves on the system, then open the drain valve to release any pressure from the system.

Now, with the drain valve still open, open the source water inlet valve on the lower manifold of the VistaClear to see if water is being delivered to the system. If you're getting water TO the mixing chamber—whether it runs to the distribution manifold or the drain—that means the filters ARE allowing water through to the system.

If the water supply is turned on but you're NOT seeing water run to the drain valve, most likely the filters are plugged.

  1. If you've recently replaced your filters, ensure that their plastic covers are removed and the openings in the filters are oriented toward the top of the sump housings.
  2. If your filters are properly oriented, but just plugged, here's a link to detailed instructions on how to replace your filters.

If water is being delivered to the VistaClear system, but not making it through the pressure regulator, the issue could be that the small filter within the pressure regulator inlet itself is plugged. This filter can be carefully removed, cleaned and returned, and regular water flow should resume.

If the main water source is turned on and water isn't even being delivered TO the system, you might have a solenoid shutoff valve before the system that has its own filter that could be plugged.

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