Water from Coolant Reservoir Isn't Flowing to Drain

If coolant water isn't flowing from the VistaCool reservoir to the drain, it's either because:

  1. The wax motor has not initiated a flow from the cold water supply to enter the reservoir, which would displace coolant in the tank and send overflow water down the drain, which only occurs when the coolant in the reservoir gets hot enough to do so (it shouldn't run all the time), OR
  2. The water valve is not turned on at the cold water supply. The coolant in the reservoir might have warmed up to the point that the wax motor is fully engaged and attempting to refresh the tank with new cold water, but if the valve at the cold water supply is in the OFF position, it would not be able to do so.

Please note: VistaCool should be connected to the cold water supply ahead of any foot switch (if present) for uninterrupted, pressurized water supply to the system.

The system can be primed and checked by inserting a small screwdriver in the view port hole on the brass stem of the thermal regulator on top of the tank and pushing up on the water valve piston. The system is primed when water can be seen leaving the 1/2” overflow fitting on the tank and running to the drain adapter.

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