Wax Motor Failure

When installed according to provided instructions, the VistaCool systems’ wax motors should function appropriately for hundreds of thousands of cycles. In the relatively few instances of “failed” wax motors we’ve observed, the cause was installation-related and due to one of two installer failures:

  1. Failure to fill the cooling tank reservoir completely with cool water prior to system use (Step #1 of “Connecting the System” on page 10 of the Installation Guide), or
  2. Failure to turn on the cold water supply to the system (Step #1 of “Starting & Using the System” on page 12).

Either installation failure renders the wax motors unable to be cooled properly, resulting in repeated over-actuation, permanently damaging internal components of the wax motors.


Should a wax motor fail, it can usually be replaced without having to replace the entire assembly. VistaCool systems contain two wax motors: one inside the thermal regular assembly on top of the tank, and another inside the inline thermal sensor in the line that runs to the drain:

  • Thermal regulator assembly wax motor only = S7514 (complete regulator assembly = S7503)
  • Inline thermal sensor wax motor only = S7515 (complete sensor assembly = S7508)

Please Note

The wax motors included with VistaCool systems are not identical to those included with the discontinued StatFlow system previously available from SciCan. The two systems’ wax motors’ physical sizes and temperature tolerances are different and the wax motors from the two different systems should not be used interchangeably.

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