VistaPure Wand or Faucet is Not Dispensing Water

Low tank pressure is the most common reason why the VistaPure will stop dispensing water from the wand or faucet.

The VistaPure Water Storage Tank contains an air bladder that must be pressurized to between 6.5-7.5 psi for proper operation. 

Use a standard bicycle tire pressure gauge to measure the pressure inside the tank. If the psi reading is below 6.5 psi, air can be added through the standard Schrader valve. Do not over inflate the air bladder beyond 7.5 psi.

If the air pressure in the tank meets the required psi, but you're still experience low or no flow from the VistaPure Wand or Faucet, you might need to clean the automatic shut-off valve. Over time, it's possible that debris from the city water supply may clog this element if the system.


At least once per year the tank should be emptied, sanitized and the air pre-charge should be checked. The air pre-charge should be kept between 6.5 and 7.5 psi for proper water flow to the wand and faucet. Please see the owner's manual and videos for instructions on this simple but very important maintenance step.

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