Poor Water Quality Error Message on Autoclave

Autoclaves and sterilizers require ultra-pure water to operate. VistaPure creates this high quality water on demand, and it can be dispensed through the VistaPure wand.

If your autoclave or sterilizer is showing an error code about poor water quality, be sure you are filling the autoclave with the VistaPure wand, not the faucet.

Poor water quality can also be caused by outdated deionization filters. Deionization filters typically need changed every few years, but may need replaced as often as every few months, depending on water quality.

One way to identify the cause is to check the "OUT" reading on the system-mounted TDS meter. If the reading has reached (or is greater than) 004 ppm, it is time to change the deionization filters.

Filter Performance Testing

The Pre and Post filters should be changed once per year, regardless of frequency of use.

The Hyperfiltration element should be changed at least every five (5) years, or when the reading on the TDS meter in the "IN" position reads above 10% of the city water supply TDS.

If you are getting a reading of 004 ppm (or higher) when the system-mounted TDS meter is switched to "OUT", or your autoclave will not cycle, it is time to change the deionization filters.

How to Change VistaPure Filters

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