Filter Replacement for VistaClear™ HP System (manufactured late 2012—early 2020)

VistaClear™ HP System filters should be replaced at least annually, or more frequently as needed, depending on local water conditions.

Reorder part number CVR365HP, which includes a Carbon Block Filter and a DentaPure™ Cartridge designed to provide waterline treatment for up to 10 connected operatories for an entire year, or 2,400 liters of water if usage records are kept. Use of the DentaPure™ Cartridge eliminates the need for routine quarterly shocking of connected waterlines that would otherwise be necessary.


Here's how to replace the filters on your VistaClear™ HP system:

  1. Turn off the cold-water inlet on the lower manifold of the VistaClear™ Centralized Water Filtration System (“system”) to stop water flow to the system.
  2. Open the drain valve on the lower end of the mixing chamber to relieve pressure from the system.
  3. Open the air valve for a few seconds to purge any remaining water from the mixing chamber. Once only air is emerging from the drain valve, turn OFF the air valve.
  4. When the pressure gauges on the system register “0,” use the sump wrench supplied with the system to remove the left and center filter sumps. Support the system by holding the filter manifold while loosening the sumps.
    • If replacing the DP365HP cartridge and Carbon Block Filter, remove and discard the expired cartridge/filter in the normal trash.
  5. Wash and rinse the filter sumps. Wipe the center section of the filter caps with an alcohol wipe to clean.
  6. Replace the O-ring in each filter sump with the supplied, pre-lubricated O-rings. Discard old O-rings.
  7. Completely remove the plastic wrap from both the Carbon Block Filter (CVR9722) and the DentaPure™ Cartridge (DP365HP). Note the installation date to ensure replacement and the SN# on the label attached to this plastic wrap prior to discarding.
  8. Carefully lower the Carbon Block Filter into the RIGHT filter sump, and the DentaPure Cartridge into the LEFT filter sump (see illustration), making sure the open-end caps are facing “up” in the housing.
  9. Making certain the cartridge and filter are centered in their housings, carefully thread the sumps onto their filter caps on the manifold. Do not cross thread. Hand-tighten the sump while supporting the metal manifold.
  10. After ensuring that both sumps have been hand-tightened, turn on the system water supply by turning the handle on the water valve on the lower manifold. Water will start to flow into the filter housings.
  11. Open the drain valve on the bottom of the mixing chamber, allowing air to be purged from the system. Once water has filled both filter sumps, water will begin to flow to the drain. Allow the water to run to the drain for ten (10) minutes to flush the new cartridge.
  12. Close the drain valve on the mixing chamber and check the system for any leaks. If a leak is detected, immediately turn off the water supply and open the drain valve on the mixing chamber to relieve the water pressure. Attend to the leak then repeat the steps to check for additional leaks.
  13. If this is the first time the DentaPure Cartridge is being installed with the VistaClear Centralized Water Filtration System (CVV1000-28-HP), begin the Purge & Clean procedure to ensure all waterlines are clean and ready for use.
    • If a DP365HP cartridge has been used previously and treatment water output from dynamic instruments has remained under 500 CFU/mL, no further steps are necessary and the system is now ready for use. If CFU counts are outside of the EPA current standard for potable water guidelines, begin the Purge & Clean procedure to ensure all waterlines are clean and ready for the installation of your replacement DentaPure Cartridge


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