Filter Replacement for VistaClear™ DP System (manufactured after March 2020)

This video demonstrates the simple process of replacing both elements that thread on and off the VistaClear™ DP Centralized Waterline Treatment System. For your convenience, both of these elements are provided with part number CVR365VC.

The DentaPure™ Cartridge should be replaced either annually, after 2,400 liters of water if usage records are kept, or when iodine output falls below 0.5 ppm. Refer to the instructions included with the DentaPure Cartridge for more information.

If you notice lower-than-usual water flow or that the throughput of the system appears to be restricted, it’s likely time to change the Carbon Block Filter. Restricted water flow can require filter changes more frequently than once per year in areas with poor water quality or heavy sediment in the water supply, sometimes caused by nearby construction.


Annual Replacement Procedure

  1. Unthread both the expired DentaPure Cartridge (DP365VC) and the expired Carbon Block Filter (CVR9725) from the system manifold by turning clockwise. Support the system by holding the manifold while unthreading the cartridge and filter.
  2. Discard the expired cartridge and filter in the normal trash.
  3. Remove the tabs from the top of the new cartridge and filter, then thread both onto the system manifold in the appropriate locations (see diagram) by turning counterclockwise. Do not cross thread. Hand-tighten the cartridge and filter while supporting the metal manifold.
  4. After the DentaPure Cartridge and Carbon Block Filter have been hand-tightened, water will start to flow through the system. Open the drain valve on the bottom of the mixing chamber, and allow the water to run to the drain for ten (10) minutes to flush the new cartridge and filter.
  5. Close the drain valve on the mixing chamber and check the system for any leaks. If a leak is detected, immediately turn off the water supply and open the drain valve on the mixing chamber to relieve the water pressure. Attend to the leak then repeat the steps to check for additional leaks.
    • If a DP365VC cartridge has been previously installed and treatment water output from dynamic instruments has remained under 500 CFU/mL, no further steps are necessary and the system is now ready for use. If CFU counts are outside of the EPA current standard for potable water guidelines, begin the Purge & Clean procedure (as described in the system manual) to ensure all waterlines are clean and ready for the installation of your replacement DentaPure Cartridge.
  6. Note the installation date to ensure replacement timing.


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