Office Closure & Re-opening Protocols (VistaClear)

Prior to office closure

Before closing the office for an extended period of time, it’s important to purge water from all connected water-bearing lines. To do this, simply follow the steps outlined in the system manual for the first part of the “Purge & Clean” procedure. A video tutorial of this process is also available.

  • Close the water inlet valve located on the (lower) control manifold of the system.
  • Slowly open the drain valve located at the bottom of the mixing chamber.
  • Open the air valve located on the system control manifold.
  • Close the drain valve when water stops running to the drain.
  • Discharge all dental appliance lines in each operatory into a sink, cup or bucket until all water is evacuated and air emerges. Begin by discharging the quick-disconnect fitting on the delivery unit, if present, to speed the process considerably.
  • Close the air valve on the system control manifold.
  • Open the drain valve to relieve all pressure from system, then close the drain valve.
  • Close all operatory valves located on the (upper) distribution manifold of the system.
  • Follow delivery system manufacturer recommendations for periods of inactivity.

Please note: If system filters are set to expire during the shutdown period, order a new Annual Replacement Kit so they can be installed before the office re-opens. A new Annual Replacement Kit for VistaClear HP systems (CVR365HP) includes a DentaPure™ Cartridge that eliminates the need for quarterly “shock” protocols and ensures water quality.

Prior to re-opening office

After an extended period of nonuse, it’s important to continue the “Purge & Clean” (shock) procedure as described in the system manual:

  • If changing system filters prior to re-opening the office, do so before continuing the “Purge & Clean” procedure. These instructions are included with Annual Replacement Kits and also listed in the system manual.
  • Follow the steps outlined in the system manual under “Step 2: Adding Line Cleaner.” Be sure to clean all connected water-bearing lines in all operatories.
  • Follow the steps outlined in the system manual under “Step 3: Line-Rinsing Procedure.” Rinse each line for at least 10 seconds to ensure all cleaning solution has been evacuated.
  • Resume regular use of the system.
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