Using Deionized vs. Hyper-filtered Water

Because water is generally considered to be the “universal solvent” for its ability to dissolve a variety of different substances, it's important to use the correct grade of water for different applications.

Deionized or distilled-quality (000 TDS) water, in particular, can “attack” certain metals used in dental delivery units and equipment over time. For this reason, we recommend using the deionized (distilled-quality) water produced by the VistaPure system only for filling autoclaves, which are designed for use with water containing extremely low total dissolved solids (TDS). The deionized water is dispensed from VistaPure's autoclave wand.

VistaPure also produces hyper-filtered water, which contains slightly higher TDS relative to its deionized water. Hyper-filtered water is best suited for filling dental bottles and ultrasonic cleaners, and for the rinse cycle of instrument washers. The hyper-filtered water is dispensed from VistaPure's lead-free faucet.

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