How much water does the VistaPure system produce?

The VistaPure system stores hyper-filtered water in its storage tank, so it's ready to use directly (for filling dental bottles, ultrasonic cleaners, or for the final-rinse cycle of instrument washers), or to prepare the water for deionization prior to use in autoclaves.

Under optimal water pressure conditions (70 psi), the VistaPure hyper-filter is able to produce 100 gallons (approximately 380 liters) of finished product water in 24 hours. That's 4.17 gallons (15.8 liters) per hour, or—assuming an eight-hour workday—33.3 gallons (or just over 126 liters) per workday.

However, it's typical for office water pressure to be somewhat lower than the ideal 70 psi (e.g. 40-50 psi), so actual production would be lower in these circumstances. Please note that VistaPure requires a minimum inbound water pressure of 40 psi. In very high-usage practices, it can be beneficial to utilize larger (or multiple) storage tanks.

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