Using VistaPure with Instrument Washer

With the use of the simple S3010 Instrument Washer Adapter Kit, VistaPure can provide high-quality water for the final-rinse cycle of instrument washers including the HYDRIM and the Miele. This can greatly reduce any “spotting” or mineral deposits left on instruments as the result of rinsing with higher-TDS city water. Hyperfiltered water from the VistaPure should only be used for the final-rinse cycle; in most cases, using city water is sufficient for instrument washers’ other cycles.

It’s always best to have the source water for an instrument washer tested before use. This way, possible contaminants that could cause corrosion and/or spotting on instruments can be identified in advance, and water treatment solutions installed, if necessary. Any contaminant listed in the chart below elevated to a “problem level” can cause issues. If several contaminants are even moderately elevated, they can combine to exacerbate potential problems.


Parameter / Problems Desired Level Problem Level
Corrosion & discoloration
7.0-7.5 <6.8 or >8.5
White spotting & scale
75 mg/L <40 or >120
Orange/ brown stains
<0.05 mg/L >0.20
Black/ orange stains
<0.01 mg/L >0.04
Stains, spotting, pitting & scale
<20 mg/L >30
White spotting & scale
<85 mg/L >100
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
White spotting & scale
< 175 mg/L >300
Corrosion (Langlier's) Index
Corrosion & pitting
0.0 <-1.0 or >1.0 


Test results in mg/L (milligrams per liter) are the same as ppm (parts per million). E.g. 20 mg/L = 20 ppm


How Do I Get a Water Test?

Simply contact your SciCan sales representative or SciCan customer service for a test kit. It’s easy to collect the samples and send them off to the lab. Results are available in a few days and will indicate whether or not treatment is advisable. If the facility has not yet been built and no water is available, you can get a water sample from a neighboring location to the property and have it tested. Contact your SciCan representative for details on this water testing program.

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